v.d. Heuvel Trade purchases obsolete and surplus products directly from factories. We solve your problem and generate revenue for you, while you can focus on your core business.

Dealing with obsolete products takes valuable time and space. Through a strong network of trusted partners and extensive market know-how, it is our strength to facilitate an easy and economically interesting solution for your company’s obsolete products. Your convenience and brand reputation is always set as our main priorities. In our hands your products remain non-branded and only reach a small niche market.




Let us know which obsolete products you have in stock. A detailed description and photos help us understand the characteristics and value of the products.


We investigate the potential market for your products and get back to you with a solution proposal.


We have our own transportation and storage infrastructure, which enables us to process large quantities. Whether you prefer regularly scheduled pick-ups from the factory or pick-ups on call, we adapt to your convenience.


We pay the purchased products quickly, ensuring additional revenues for your company.